Lise Hvoslef is a Norwegian musician, composer and lyricist. Her background is from jazz, improvised music, pop and the singer/songwriter-tradition.


She released her debut album “Just Being Part” on Lise Hvoslef Records, with the musicians Ellen Brekken (bass), Tore Flatjord (drums), David Aleksander Sjølie (guitars) and Lars Andreas Aspesæter (piano). Hvoslef creates a unique sound through elements from jazz, pop and the singer/songwriter-tradition. “Just Being Part” was performed on tour in New York, USA, Oslo and in Northern Norway and got great reviews.


Lise Hvoslef contributes on Oslo 14 Vocal Ensembles´s albums: “Improvisasjon * Komposisjon” (2017) and “Inn=Ut” (2019).

In 2022 she released the album "En egen ro" on Lise Hvoslef Records. Jazz standards with lyrics translated into norwegian by Kristin Storrusten. Lise recorded this album together with Ellen Brekken (double bass), Magnus Sefaniassen Eide (drums), Eyolf Dale (piano) and Kristoffer Kompen on trombone.

The album got great reviews.